Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.

by Bruce Lee

sábado, 19 de octubre de 2019

You don't always have to work for the money ;-)))

... although your English teacher does it every day. Unfortunately, most students don't do things for free, or do they? Do you write a comment or a composition for free even if your English teacher is going to correct it for free?


Here's a listening exercise for you to do and some articles to read:




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Nature is speaking. So listen!!!

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9 comentarios:

    I think that money is important, but not for everything, some things we should do for free like help our friends and family
    Hello teacher Alberto

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  3. I think money is actually one of the most important things in the world. Some people take too much care of money instead of helping their friends or family, I think that's a great mistake because money is a very important thing, but there are other things that are much more important than it.

    If you want a good amount of money you must study at school and at university because if you want a good job and you want to earn more money than others, you must also study more than others to have a great job.

    There are other ways of earning money, sometimes you earn more than other people do. You can play as a professional sport player and you'll earn a lot of money. This is a very difficult thing and there are very few people that do this because it is a very difficult thing to do and you must play a lot of hours the sport you like.

    In fact, I think that having a good job and having a good amount of money is very important, but studying and taking care of your family and friends is the most important thing in the world.

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    1. Money is very necessary to live daily.

      From a very young age, my mother gives me a weekly pay to learn to give value to money, to save it or to spend it.

      For example, she does not have to buy me a book that I would like to read, because I have to get the money to buy it with my savings.

      From my point of view it is true that not everything is in exchange for money.

      We must do things, just to feel good, not to get money.

      It depends on your education, in my case I think in the best possible way.
      In my house, we never take money in exchange for doing tasks for the family, the elderly or young children.

      So for example, I am going to buy for my grandparents, I tend clothes, or I wash the dishes and… I don't receive money for it.

      I think that my mother educated me in fundamental values, so that people who are well with me, receive the best of me, without having to receive money for it.

      Susana P. Bosch

      4º ESO Grupo A

  5. Money is a thing that is necessary to life, but the people gives to much importance. If you haven´t got enough money to a good smartphone or for wear brand, the people judge you and they can even laugh at you.

    In my opinion money is important but not as much as people think. Money doesn´t give you the happiness or love. There are so many things more importanta than the money

  6. This is to work for money or it does not go above all the age of the future thinking you have.

    People of my age who are studying, work daily and do not have any type of salary, however other people also my age but it is a smaller number of people, they have decided to leave the studies and meters and to work, in this case if they have a salary for the hours they work.

    The work that I do daily without any pay is to study and do my homework, I go to the institute in the morning and to the conservatory in the afternoons, for now this is my job and I will not have pay since this is optional and that is something for me, that is, it is something that is for my good and to learn me, I do not give anything in return.

    Already older people do have pay for their work, since they usually have real jobs, which give money in exchange for their effort on something specific.

  7. I think, do you need money to buy the things you want. I want to have money.

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