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miércoles, 5 de febrero de 2020

No more pollution in our cities, please!!!

Once upon a time, Granada was a beautiful walkable city where you could even play football on the streets because there was not so much traffic. Now it is still a beautiful city, but every time I drive from the coast I can see all the pollution above it from the summit of El Suspiro del Moro (The Moor's Whisper). 



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  1. Nowadays, pollution is present in many countries. It is produced for different reasons, and it can produce lots of problem, but we can stop it, but how?

    First of all, we are the ones who cause this pollutions concentrations, and it is very easy for us. We just have to use regularly our car, or mass production in factories, and in this way we produce much emissions to our atmosphere. But when we want to resolve this problem, it is complex. For us, contamination is bad because it can causes health problems and ills.

    There are people who focus in this issue and try to eliminate this problem, and concern people about it. For example, there are many country governments that that restrict areas so that vehicles don´t pass and in this way reduce their use. Also, there are countries where people are very aware and they dont use cars, and use other types of transports like bikes, buses….

    In my opinion, we must try to eliminate pollution and decrease car use, because it also causes health problems.

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  3. This competition began in 1956 and was called the European Cup. Since then there have been twenty-two champion from ten different countries. The player who has scored the most goals in the competition is Cristiano Ronaldo with a total of 129 goals. Real Madrid is the team that has played the final most times, winning thirteen occasions.The stadium where the final has been played most times is in Wembley with a total of seven times.
    The last champion is Liverpool.It had been fourteen years since it won his last Champions, it has a total so six.
    I wish that Barcelona will play this year´s final, which will be played in Istanbul.

  4. In our days, pollution is one of the most important problems we have. It can be produced by a lot of reasons, and we can´t stop it, we only can produce less pollution. There are a lot of people that they don´t realize that produce a lot of pollution, which can cause many problems too.
    The reasons that we pollute a lot of is that all of us use the cars and in some occasion we can go to the place taking public transport, by bike or even walking. But we don´t think about it because it is more comfortable going by car and park in the door of the place.
    Here in villages there are much less pollution than in cities, here we still have clean air, but it the cities there is a lot of pollution in the air, and for this reason if you are in a city you have more probabilities to have a health problem than if you are in a village.
    In my opinion, we must decrease the use of car, and we need to use more transports like buses or even the bike.
    Francisco Manuel González López 4ºA

  5. Nowadays, pollution is one of the most talked about and important problems in the world. Some years ago, some people didn’t know about it completely. Nevertheless, today it is unquestionable. Pollution in cities, caused mostly by car emissions, is becoming bigger and bigger.

    On the one hand, our lifestyle has changed. Some years ago life was very different. Our cities are full of pollution and it's very difficult to change this because... would you give up things like using a car? Most people don’t. In addition, our main energy source is crude oil. Petroleum is extremely polluting and the worst thing is that we use it every day. Because of all this, we know that it is very difficult to eliminate pollution in cities.

    On the other hand, If no one initiates the change, it will never happen. There are many people who have already begun to change their habits to help the planet. They do simple things like not using the car so much and going walking to work. Besides, these actions may seem small but they help a lot. In addition, eliminating the use of cars or reducing it as much as possible is difficult but not impossible. In a city like Granada, it is even more probable because there are many types of public transport such as metro or bus and you can use them instead of your car.

    All in all, making a city like Granada a place without cars is very difficult, but we should try it. In my opinion, important people like the city hall should try to put measures to decrease car traffic.

  6. Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior is a Brazilian footballer who plays as a striker at Paris Saint-Germain Football Club in Ligue 1. He is considered one of the best players in the world of his generation.

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  9. I think that the pollution is a very big problem and we think it´s a joke, but it is no joke, on the contrary, it´s very serious and nowadays we are beginning to suffer the consequences.

    Some people is trying to change the dark future that wait for us if we keep playing with the planet. We need to reflect in the future what awaits for our childrens if the planet continue changing in this way.

    The global warming is the principal efect of pollution and it gets worse over the years. In February we are in short sleeve and in my opinion this is a prolem.

    In conclusion, we need to change our lifestyle because the planet is paying for it

  10. Don't pollute anymore!

    The society has advanced a lot and the means of transport too, but these produce a great pollution and we are ending the world.

    We have to change our way of thinking, because we are not aware of the damage we cause, and in addition to using these polluting means of transport too much, we also throw garbage anywhere and it shouldn't be that way.

    We do not stop contaminating our world and that not only hurts us, it will also harm our descendants.

    We must recycle more, and pollute less.

    Use less polluting transport, such as cycling or walk more!


  11. Nowadays, everybody is talking about the need to save the planet. Despite that, the problems are getting worse all the time, so maybe we should do something about it. For example, pollution is a serious problem to face nowadays.

    Firstly, we should all know that air pollution occurs when harmful or excessive gases are introduced into the atmosphere. The use of cars , planes or industrial activities are the main causes of air pollution. Instead of using the car or the plane to travel, we could take a fast train, in order to reduce air pollution. Moreover, public transport is another sollution for air pollution.

    On the other hand, the effects of air pollution are alarming. It can cause respiratory problems, such as pneumonia or asthma, heart problems or even cancer. In addition, global warming and acid rain are other direct effects of air pollution.

    Granada is a very crowded and polluted city. For instance, people use a lot their cars and motorcycles to move around. In addition, Granada has its own international airport, where lots of planes land and take off.

    To sum up, air pollution is extremely dangerous to our health. I believe we should change our lifestyle completely, for instance by using the public transport, bicycles or walking in the city instead of cars or motorcycles. We should all contribute to save the planet and our own health!

  12. The pollution is a very important part of our live and a very hard problem. But can we stop this problem? And How this problem affect us?

    First of all, in my opinion we can't stop this problem because we won't be able to change our lifes. A little numbers of people would change theirs lives.

    The pollution affect us for example our healthy,produce acid rain, greenhause effect, etc.

    I think this have only two solutions the first how a person the world is going to up his temperature to eliminated the virus. Or people is going to kill the world.

  13. Nowadays pollution is one of our biggest problems. Most of it comes from cars and other vehicles. Most of the people use their cars a lot: to go to work, to go shopping... And this contribute to pollute their cities. Pollution can make our world hotter and hotter, and this is really bad for us.

    There are many ways to reduce the pollution. The most obvious one is the give up the car and walk everywhere unless you need to go somewhere very far. Or you can use public transport like the bus or subway or you can go by bike. In some big cities there are some bikes that you can take to go somewhere.

    A less obvious solution is changing your car. Most of the cars need fuel to run, and we get fuel from petroleum and it pollutes a lot. Today there are electric cars and hydrogen cars. These cars may be more expensive and they can't run as many kilometres without stopping to recharge the battery (cars with hydrogen batteries can run more), but they don't pollute the air and it's a good idea to have a car like these if you need to go everywhere by car.

    Granada is one of the most polluted cities in spain. It isn't one of the biggest cities but the geographical situation makes it very difficult to eliminate the pollution. Because of this we have to be conscious and use our cars only when it's necessary.

  14. Today we all talk about the damage we are doing to the planet. All this comes from the pollution caused by cars, motorcycles, etc.

    I think that we should all put a little on our side since we are more and more, more cars, more motorcycles, more gas stations, and pollution is increasing more and more, so I think we should change for example to make short trips, we can go by bicycle or on foot, we can also give more use to buses, planes, trains, etc.
    By doing that we can greatly reduce pollution.

    Another case of pollution is that caused by tobacco, which is also one of the things that produces the most pollution on this planet, and this can be solved by buying, for example, electronic cigarettes, etc.

    Anyway, if we want all of us, we can stop it.

    Salvador Pretel

  15. Nowadays pollution is a very serious problem that we are not going to stop.

    Pollution is the biggest problem in the world since we know what it is and the consequence it can bring and yet we continue to pollute the environment day after day.

    People today, especially teenagers, are very lazy and very passive because they know what it means, but since it doesn't affect them right now, they don't care if they pollute or not. Pollution is not an issue that has just appeared these days, but many years ago. And it will continue to grow if we do not stop and try to help the environment since the Earth is our planet, where we all live, where our children and grandchildren will live and we must try to leave them a planet good to live. They can live in a much less polluting environment.

    We must do something to save the future of the Earth and we can save it all together.

    What we have to do is contaminate less, such as not using the car so much and walking, which is also healthy for us. Recycling is very easy. We shouldn't throw any trash into the water or away on the streets because there are containers everywhere and you have to be more responsible.

    Granada is one of the most polluted cities in Spain after Madrid and Barcelona, ​​so we must all collaborate to stop being one of the most polluting cities to make it a less co-polluting city.

  16. People must stop polluting because it is getting out of control and the planet is affecting it. Many people prefer to use cars to go anywhere but I think it would be nice sometimes to leave the car aside and walk or bike.

    Granada it is as polluted as Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia and an area of ​​the Canary Islands. The city of Granada has one of the worst air quality records, which has been worsening until it exceeds the limit levels of nitrogen dioxide. Today, there are many people who do not care about this, but in the long term it will be a problem for our generations and the planet would have to save it from this because it is our fault that many species are becoming extinct.
    Paula González Blanco 4ºB