Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.

by Bruce Lee

jueves, 28 de mayo de 2020

The gentle breeze from the sea is already coming! (QUARANTINE: DAY 74)


You can already feel the gentle breeze coming from the sea!!  You can already smell and taste its saltiness. This bizarre school year is coming to an end. 

Eric Clapton & Friends - Call Me The Breeze (Official Lyric Video)


Quarantine Scoreboard

Posts uploaded:  47

Students participating:  about 85 out of 110 (77%) at least once during the quarantine, but only 40% of them are really working!!!!

Comments written and corrected:    almost 800

Emails exchanged: nearly 4000

PASEN announcements & messages:   more than 2600

Things handed in and corrected: more than 2100


Visits to blog and site during quarantine: almost 22,000 (Average of 250 visits per day)

Video lectures (ONLINE CLASSES):    21  (+ 6 Dictations on line, 4 verb exams and 7 online exams) and several individual online tutorials



Thursday, 28th May

  Homework for today:

  • Let's watch some videos to revise the comparatives, clothes and appearance in general: 

    MODULE 2    (NotesUnit 7   >>   Programmes    1 041   2  042   3  043  


  • Then do the exercises 1 & 3 on page 96 (Unit 7) and try to do the writing exercise in two paragraphs. This writing exercise is VOLUNTARY, it is NOT COMPULSORY!!!     


El ejercicio de producción escrita es voluntario, no es obligatorio. Lo hacen en 2 párrafos. En el modelo yo pondría el primer párrafo hasta  "... a piece for everyone."



Smart Planet Digital books


HOMEWORK for tomorrow and the weekend  >>>

  • Do exercises on pages 101-102 (Unit 9).






  • Keep finishing all the things you still have to hand in.

  • Keep revising for the final exams   >>>>

Solutions to exercises in previous post  >>>>


Answers provided by Anabel Prados 1ºA Bach
158. COMPARATIVES. Fill in the gaps with the comparatives of superiority and the     superlatives of the adjectives you are given in brackets:

1. For (far) _________further_____ information on the passive you should revise the grammar revision.
2. Mick Malone's (old) ___elder_____ brother came from Ireland to visit him.
3. This is (bad) ___the worst__ football match I've ever watched.

Translate the following sentences into English:

4. Ella no llegó tan tarde como de costumbre.  She didn't come as late as usual.
5. Cuanto más estudio, menos problemas tengo con el inglés. The more I study, the fewer problems I have with English.
6. Los exámenes se van complicando cada vez más. The exams are getting more and more complicated.
159. Insert the second sentences into the first ones by means of RELATIVE CLAUSES:

1. That is the boy. I borrowed his motorbike last Saturday.// That is the boy whose motorbike I borrowed last Saturday.
2. Southampton is a busy sea port. It is on the south coast of England.//Southampton is a busy sea port which is on the south coast of England.
3. Jimmy Connors was once married to Chris Evert.He was a very famous American tennis player.//  Jimmy Connors, who was a very famous American tennis player, was once married to Chris Evert
4. Apolo XI was the spaceship. It took Armstrong and Aldrin to the moon.// Apolo XI was the spaceship that took Armstrong and Aldrin to the moon.
5. Last year I had to read the book. You are looking at it now.// Last year I had to read the book that you're looking at now

160. CONDITIONALS. Put the vers in brackets into their correct tense and fill in the gaps (...) with     these words:  IF  /  WHEN  /  PROVIDED THAT  /  UNLESS /  AS LONG AS         

1. I am going to Rome next week. ......when...... I (BE) _am____ there, I (SEE)__will see________    the Colisseum.
2. ..........unless....... we (GO) __go____ now, we (MISS) ____will miss____ the train
3. I (HELP) _will help ______ long as........ I (FINISH) ____finish___ first.
4. ......if........ she (HAVE) ___had______ a ticket she (GO) ______would go______ to the concert.
5. Albert sr.(PLAY) ___would play_____________  with you tomorrow morning ...if...........  Albert jr. (NOT EAT) _____didn’t eat_________ every three hours.



English with Lucy >>>>  6 everyday habits to improve your English - do THIS daily!


Final musical hint:

Top 100 Oldies Songs Of All Time Greatest Hits Oldies But Goodies Collection

8 comentarios:

  1. In these days in can't go to street. Teleworking and no sport is fatal combination for the body, I don't like "telestudy" all day, telehomework or videoconferece isn't for me. Presentials class is better than videoconferece. Now we have got more freedom; we can do sport in the street, we are also better than Madrid, Barcelona or Castilla y León, because we are in STAGE 1. When you ask ¿ Where are you?, only answer: At home. Or when you ask ¿Where are you doing?: Do homework or walk to street.

    It's difficult do orther things at my home, but not well do exercises at home because you must be carefull wich fortnitures. This week it's wormer than last week and today it's as warm as yesterday. Now country is more beautifull than in winter. When humans isn't in the street, animals are in the street and they should be in their place.

    José Antonio Sabio Prados 1ºESO A

  2. One more day of confinament.
    We following of confinament after many days and every week, or many days is diferent. Today there freer than yesterday.
    I think we should have got more fredom.
    I am writing this coment in my house, because is not as dangerous as in the outside. This confinament is harder than and another countries. How: France, Germany, Sweden, Italy, Greece, Denmark, United Kingdon... But we can go outside and walk between hours and restrictions when we out play to these sports: ride a bike, run. I like runer than ride a bike and as weighlifting as bolowing or do this coment in English.

    Rubén Sabio Prados 1º ESO A

  3. There are only a few days left until the summer begins, but with the heat it makes it already seems that we are in summer.

    With the arrival of summer comes the end of the school year, which happened very slowly, in my opinion and the last quarter was very rare and happened very slowly. With the quarantine, teaching was very difficult, but in the end we got used to this situation. The hard part was getting used to homework, but if you plan your time well, it gives you time to do it and you can also watch a chapter of a series or a movie. The good thing is that I had to share the quarantine with my sister and my brother, that we used to play a lot so you don't get bored. How lucky it is to have brothers!

    With phase two that they are going to give us on Monday we could go to the beach to bathe, sunbathe and feel the hot sand. Here in Salobreña we are lucky to have a beach and in summer we go every day.
    I love summer, I usually go almost every afternoon to the beach with my friends and sometimes I take my little brother with me. We usually sit near the volleyball net since we like to play, but I'm not very good, but my team always wins, since I always go with the best. Later when we are hot we run into the water, we swim and we play.

    On Sunday I always go with my family, with my cousins, uncles and we usually go in the morning and sometimes we stay all day. We took food from the house cooked by my grandmother, since she cooks very well and also drinks. We usually sit by the river since my little cousins ​​are afraid of the sea.

    I don't know what this summer will be like with everything that has happened but I hope I can enjoy the beach with my friends and family.

    In my opinion, summer is the best season of the year, without teachers, without deveres, beach ... it is the best.

  4. Este comentario ha sido eliminado por el autor.

  5. One day more staying at home. One day less for being with friends and family. While we are at home, the world is changing. Since the beginning of humanity, the human has been winning site to the nature. But, it is changing.

    To start, let's put ourselves in the situation. In the lasts weeks, there is much news about animals in the streets or the environment getting restored.

    For put an example, Italy. On March 19th, the news went around the world as Willy Fog. The grand canal of Venice is cleaned. As a result that the quarantine in Italy, the grand canal of Venice was cleaned. Even, can be seen small fishes. Another example, the hole in the ozone layer at the north pole is closed. Scientists say that is due to the quarantine.

    I think that it is a shame because when all this has finished, all will be return like before.

  6. Summer is getting closer, but we are in a hard situation, and some of us ask ourselves this: Will we be able to enjoy the summer? How will we do it? We don´t really know the answer to these questions, but looking at how the things are going, we can get an idea.
    The people of Granada will be reaching Phase 2 this Monday, so we´ll be able to go to the beach. This can sound good, and can make us think we´re defeating the virus very fast, so we´ll get our old lives back soon, but that´s not really true, we have to be very careful if we don´t want to go back to our homes. If you are thinking about going to the beach, it won´t be as it was before. You´ll have to keep the 2-metre distance even in the water, and you won´t be able to play on the sand. Some beaches are thinking about installing some plastic/cristal panels to keep the distances, so if this come true, the beaches will have a really different appearance.
    Personally, I hate going to the beach, and in my opinion, going there under these conditions is stupid.
    Talking about other things, we won´t be able to meet many people in the same place, so every town´s local fairs have been cancelled. These are bad news, but we must take care of everyone, so if we don´t want problems, this is the best solution.
    In summary, I hope this nightmare will dissapear soon, and we will return to our common lives, but until that, we have to prevent any action that can put others in danger.

    David Bacas 4ºA

  7. Summer is coming, although this year is different from the others, this year is a little difficult since there is the coronavirus and you have to follow the rules, for example, this summer the beaches that are not like other years full of people, Neither the stores nor many things, Granada tomorrow goes to phase 2 and that means that we can go to the beach, the shopping malls will open, 15 friends can get together and take the time off, but there are places like Madrid or Barcelona that still They are in phase 1 since it is where they have had many more infections than anywhere else.
    If we pass the phase that means that we are already passing the virus and what we are doing well, but that does not mean that as we pass the phase we have to do things wrong, we must respect the rules, such as leaving two meters away, wear the mask, wash your hands very well ...

  8. Summer's really near! There's only a few weeks for us to finish school and finish all the work that teachers are sending us. I am really nervous about having fun in the summer and have a great time with my friends, but is that really going to happen?

    The people of Granada have reached Phase 2 this week, so we´ll be able to go to the beach. This can sound good, and can make us think we're defeating the virus very fast. Granada had also no virus deaths today so that's really good and amazing! I think that we´ll get our old lives back soon, but that´s not really true, we have to be very careful if we don´t want to go back to our homes again!

    Nowadays if you want to go to the beach, you´ll have to keep the 2-metre distance even in the water, and you won´t be able to play on the sand. Some beaches are thinking about installing some plastic/cristal panels to keep the distances, so if this come true, the beaches will have a really different appearance. In my opinion it's great that going to the beach again is permitted, but it would be a little bit strange to go to it under this conditions.

    Swimming pools are also closed, but in summer we're going to be able to go to them but they're going to have a limited capacity of people. In my neighborhood, there's a public swimming pool and only twenty of all the people living around are going to be able to go to it. I think it's a real shame, but I also think it's necessary because we need to be careful.

    In my opinion, I think this situation is really boring and I hope we will return to our normal lives soon. Even if I need to go to school!