Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.

by Bruce Lee

miércoles, 15 de abril de 2020

Breakout from the outbreak (QUARANTINE: DAY 31)


Drawing can be the perfect breakout from the outbreak (Have a look at the bottom of this post to see what 'outbreak' means. And, by the way, do you know what 'breakout' means).



Now that we have so much time we can learn how to draw. And drawing can be a wonderful way to go through these hard times of quarantine. I know some of you are already quite keen on drawing, but how good are you? I am a hopeless case, although I had technical drawing at school until I was your age.



Actually, my teacher was Mr Ramón Portillo, a great famous paintor from Seville, whose son used to play the guitar for Pablo Alborán. His son, Porty, used to play tennis with me!!! Could you believe it?


Here's one of my earliest posts, where you can read about the issue and just below some musical hints by my good friend Porty:

People from here who have success in life!!!!


Porty - Touché  


And if you want to listen to the whole album: TANGRAM   

Anyway, going back to drawing, here's a Lingohack episode for you about the issue:


  • Episode 200408 / 08 April 2020    >>>  Marvel's Spider-Man artist teaches kids to draw online -    Language related to 'emotions'.  Need-to-know language: a little bit down, brought a bit of a smile to my face, in (really, really) good spirits, a bit worrying & can't help but feel good.

Listening exercise for you to do:  Music with a smaller carbon footprint- Touring bands and climate change   (6 Minute English, BBC Learning English)

Quarantine Scoreboard

Posts uploaded:  20

Students participating:  about 76 out of 110 (70%)

Comments written and corrected: 400

Emails exchanged: about 1200

PASEN announcements & messages: more than 1400

Things handed in and corrected: about 600

Visits to blog and site during quarantine: about 6,500 (Average of 300 visits per day)

Video lectures (ONLINE CLASSES):    3


 Wednesday, 15th April

Tasks for today:

  • Unit 6 (page 74)

  • Watch this video about the comparatives: The Game Show    

  • And remember to hand in the dialogue (writing 11) by Friday. 


Smart Planet Digital books

These are the tasks for today: 

Unit 8 (page 82- Exercises 1-4)   >>>> Apart from doing these exercises, you will have to bear all this vocabulary in mind when you read OUR THIRD TERM COMPULSORY READER: Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde   and when you do your digital project or the Control Sheet of the reader.

As a continuation of yesterday's post, where I presented you with a video on the MODAL VERBS, and the ones we saw before Easter in the posts:


... here's another one that may interest you:

How to use English Modal Verbs | Possibility & Probability  (mmmEnglish)

Coronavirus outbreak: Half of coronavirus deaths happen in care homes, data from EU suggests (The Guardian)

Note the uses of these two words: 'outbreak' and 'care homes'

What do they mean in Spanish?

7 comentarios:

  1. Now we have a lot of free time that we can take advantage of reading doing homework or something we want. Some people can enjoy their free time on their terraces or roof terraces. In all the free time I have, I take advantage of doing homework and playing with my parents and siblings.

    Dunia Arnedo Martin 1ºA

  2. We now have all the time in the world to do the things we did not do throughout the course and future activities. Also, we are doing more activities than when we were in high school.

    Alejandro Márquez González 4ºB

  3. Now we have vacations and a lot of free time to rest from all our duties, but we have to take part of the time to finish duties that we have not finished.
    This time I have spent with my parents and especially with my brother, and I doing my homework.
    Paula González Blanco 4ºB

  4. In these days we can't go out.I in the morning do homework and then, I have got time sometimes, I doing a circuit of ginnastic and put obstacles for jump, swimming, doing weightlifting with objects, I found by home. Also I doing races along the living room, and continue with homework and sports and then wach TV.

    Rubén Sabio Prados 1eso a

  5. Now, we have got a lot of time, for example player football in home with the open doors. The basketball in home with basket do for me and ball. Tennis in home or garage with the net-sofa, rackets and tennis ball, but the space is very small in home is best in garage with the net-car or net-motocycle. Volleyball in my build won't a ball between the flats with your partner.the end, play!

    Jose Antonio Sabio Prados 1eso a

  6. Drawing is quite good because it makes you able to express your feeling or what you think about things. It also stimulates your creativity and relax you when you are stressed.

    In this quarantine many people are starting to draw in their free time. There are many techniques, like graphite, pastel colours or oil paint; and many styles, like manga or realism, so each one is drawing in the style they like the most!

    I am also drawing more because now I have more free time. I started to draw when I was 8 years old and I have drawn many styles. I started drawing manga, and later I drew tribal drawings and pixel art. Now, I draw realism, but my style makes me edit the references I use to use a lot of colours, so it's a kind of "fake realism".

    To finish, I'd like to give some pieces of advice for those who are starting to draw.
    1) You don't need expensive pencils to draw! I started with cheap ones.
    2) Use grids to do sketches. It is easier to do them if you use a grid.
    3) Be patient! A good drawing needs many hours to be finished.
    4) Try many styles. If you try many styles and materials you will find your own style using the materials you prefer and drawing what you like the most.

  7. In these times of quarantine paint, make soups words, it is always good to clear the mind.

    When you've done all your homework and you have time to do whatever you want at home, you can be either very boring or very creative, in my case there were days that I didn't know what to do and I said one day I'm going to paint.

    I took a pencil and a piece of paper and began to draw. I wanted to try to make a human eye and it didn't go too bad for me and later I tried to make Jack Sparrow and it came out more or less well, that day I felt very calm, my mind was released and I was able to focus on my homework.

    My tips to start painting are:

    The first would be to take a paper anda pencil.
    The second thing would be to listen to music and be in a relaxed place.
    The third thing is to have a creative mind and express your feelings, so that it is reflected on the paper.
    And that´s it ¡¡¡